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Cassandra online Training overview

Cassandra highly designed by apache with distributed database server with huge amount of data. An integrated application for node operations for a cluster, managing backup /restore.

It widely used in No SQL database and offers flexible data storage for various purposes. And mainly used in Companies like EBay, Spotify, NASA, NETFILX, and TWITTER ….etc...

Present Trend Cassandra:

Demand for could and maintaining large databases need for Cassandra developer in storing database with Network security. Cassandra not only developed for database server also used an integration Application for NODE operations.

With Cassandra one can work with Frameworks like

  • Cassandra with hadoop
  • Cassandra with NAT
  • Cassandra with Spark
  • Cassandra with Kafka
  • Cassandra with Big data Analyst



  • A Network administrator having knowledge NOSQL Database Concepts.
  • Big data developer
  • ETL developer
  • Linux Administrator can opt for Cassandra course content
  • Java Developer
  • SQL Developer can opt for Cassandra online training

Cassandra course content

Ittrainingsonline for Cassandra online course content prepared by Cassandra experts will cover all modules of Cassandra NOSQL, Basis of data ware concepts Database operations, clusters, managing & monitoring cluster, backup/restore, hosting on cloud.

Benefits with IT Trainings Guru:

IT Trainings Guru provides the best tutor for Cassandra course having experience of 10+ years in working with Cassandra in I.T field. Our tutors will help from basis of data ware concepts to in-depth Knowledge. Tutors will provide all recording Cassandra online course videos of daily sessions and study material, interview material to crack jobs in I.T Field.


The basis of Linux commands, No SQL commands Knowledge line is Preferred. Exposure Data warehouse concepts, java will pulse point to opts for Cassandra but not mandatory.


Cassandra Course content:

Overview Cassandra

  • Introduction to data warehousing concepts
  • Why Cassandra?
  • Cassandra basic concepts ]
  • History of Cassandra
  • Architecture of Cassandra
  • Installation of Cassandra

RDBMS Concepts

NOSQL Concepts

Big Data Concepts

CAP theorem

USE Cases

Cassandra database design of applications

  • RDBMS Design
  • Creating Database
  • Loading Schema
  • Database Applications

Cassandra Replicas

  • Placement of Cassandra replica
  • Clusters
  • Write properties
  • RDBMS VS write properties
  • Read Properties
  • Slices
  • Data slices
  • Get slices
  • Cassandra API’s
  • Key spaces

Cassandra Nodes

  • Seed nodes
  • Bootstrap node
  • Adding nodes
  • Cluster nodes
  • Node tool commands
  • Monitoring Cassandra
  • Monitoring tools
  • Logging vs. tailing
  • JMX, J Console tools


Backup and Restore of Cassandra

  • Snapshots creation
  • Performance tuning
  • Node tool utility
  • Integration with Spark
  • Integration with Kafka
  • Log Files creation
  • Cluster connectivity and security

Hosting Cassandra database:

  • Hosting Cassandra database on cloud
  • Hosting with AWS services


Q. Why Cassandra online training course?

A: Cassandra in the market place present have more demand and wide range opportunities on Cassandra developer in big data, SQL Development.

Q. What are careers options with Cassandra course?

A: With Cassandra course you move as • NAT with Cassandra developer • Java with Cassandra developer • Node with Cassandra developer • Hadoop with Cassandra

Q. With Cassandra can I get placed in MNCS DO you provide placement assistance?

A: Yes, we provide placement assistance and will help in cracking interview

Q. Do you provide any Assignment help?

A: Yes, we also provide assignment help within your estimated time

Q. Do I need to learn any basics before learning Cassandra?

A: Yes, but not required tutors will teach from basic concepts to in-depth.

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