Overview of Amazon Web Services (AWS) :

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a much-reachable and source provider computing stage given by Amazon.com. Web administrations which hold at any time called cloud administrations or remote figuring administrations. Actually, AWS fed launched in 2006 to give online administrations to sites and customer side applications.

An Amazon Web service helps both in technology and organizations. Those organizations are related to AWS (Amazon.com) which gives a search cloud assistance platform on both individuals, companies, and politics in a free support basis of 12 months. AWS provides more than 70 services crossing a broad-range, that include computing, Storage, Networking, Database, Analytics, Application services. This various in Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud and AWS technical essentials with Amazon simple storage service

Who can attend this Course?

Beginning who are wishing to get a blow away their roles in Cloud Computing can assist over this path. AWS uses and swelling demand over all over the industries. AWS proffers more than 70 services. We drive this AWS course content, especially to the following experts

Developers who willing to develop Cloud automation products.

  • Fresher’s
  • Application Developers
  • IT Experts.
  • Web developer

What are Specific requirements?

There are no specific prerequisites to learn Amazon Web Services terms to become an AWS Developers. Anybody can go with a major involvement in IT or essential knowledge of Linux and Networking can transform into AWS. Our experts will help you here.

Advantages with IT Trainings Guru:

Our Experts will help to guide learners to achieve a fair level of information with field content and it is the best way to learn AWS. And in the way in real-time Projects as well. This is reasonable for candidates to appearance instructor with possible Responsibilities.We will Guide you with AWS certification with Dumps



Outline of topics covered:

• What is Cloud Computing – Overview?

• Different Cloud services – IaaS, PaaS, SaaS

• Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud

• AWS Fundamentals – Overview

• Virtualization Concepts, Xen – How AWS uses and implements it

• Para and Full Virtualization – PV, HVM and PV-HVM

Each of the following topics will cover 3 sections

• BEFORE section – Concepts pertaining to non-AWS/on-premise or data

Center environments. For example, “BEFORE VPC” contains basic

Networking concepts without which it will be very difficult to understand the

Underlying architecture of VPC in AWS.

• CONCEPTS section – contains concepts related to AWS. Before delving into

AWS labs, it is better to understand behind the scenes stuff.

• THEORY and LAB section –

Literature and Labs go hand in hand in this Section.

Labs will cover almost 80% of each topic.

• EC2

- BEFORE EC2: Compute concepts

- Components, instance types, vCPU, AMI, Region, AZs.

- Types of instances, pricing


- Launching Instances

- Security Groups

- Elastic Network Interfaces

- Elastic IP etc.

- Lab/Practical/Exercises

Auto Scaling

- BEFORE AS: Scaling concepts, horizontal/vertical etc.

- Life Cycle and Benefits

- Launch Configuration

- Auto Scaling groups, scaling of groups

- Creating a Launch Configuration Using an EC2 Instance

- Launching Auto Scaling Instances in a VPC

- Creating an Auto Scaling Group using EC2 Instance

- Using  Load Balancer

- Dynamic Scaling

- Lab/Practical/Exercises


- BEFORE EBS: Storage concepts. PV, VG, LV etc.

- Creating/Expanding Volumes

- Attach/Detach, mount

- Snapshots, Restore using snapshots etc.

- Lab/Practical/Exercises

• S3

- creating buckets

- storing objects

- Policies and permissions

- IFA/RRS options

- Lifecycle

- hosting static website

- Access S3 using API

- Lab/Practical/Exercises

• Amazon Glacier – Brief

• Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

- BEFORE VPC: Networking concepts

- VPC and Subnets

- Network ACLs and Security Groups

- IP Addressing

- Route Tables

- Internet Gateways


- VPC Peering

- Subnet routing

- VPC Endpoints etc.

- Lab/Practical/Exercises


• Route 53

- BEFORE ROUTE53: DNS concepts

- Domain Names

- Configuring DNS

- Routing Internet etc.

- Lab/Practical/Exercises


• Elastic Load Balancing (ELB)

- BEFORE ELB: Load Balancing concepts.

- How Elastic Load Balancing Works

- Configure load balancers

- Using a Load Balancer with an Auto Scaling Group Listener configurations

- target groups etc.

- Internal Load Balancers

- Lab/Practical/Exercises


 IAM (Identity and Access management)

- User management

- Group management

- Role management

- Root user

- Permissions, delegation

- Policies. Managed and inline policies.

- Access management

- Lab/Practical/Exercises

Amazon Cloud Watch

- How cloud Watch works

- Limits and resources

- Using dashboard

- Using metrics

- Creating Alarms

- Lab/Practical/Exercises

Amazon SNS/SQS

- Managing access

- Mobile push

- Subscriptions

- Email notifications

- Sending SMS messages

- Lab/Practical/Exercises

- Decouple applications using SQS.

- SQS Queues: Standard and FIFO.

- SQS Lab

 AWS RDS (Relational Database Service)

- RDS Setup (Aurora/MySQL)

- Different options in RDS

- Backups

- Lab/Practical/Exercises

• Amazon Cloud Formation OR Terraform

•AWS Cloud Front


•AWS Dynamo DB

•Elastic Beanstalk

•Ansible OR OpsWorks

•AWS Management Console

•AWS CLI setup and usage

• Overview of costing and billing

• AWS Architecture tool


Q. Any skills needed to learn Aws online course?

A: No worry, you need to have basics Linux commands, trainer will help you to learn from basics to in-depth.

Q. Do you PROVIDE any free demo sessions?

A: Yes, we provide free demo sessions where you can attend 3 demos and can select handmade choice.

Q. Will you help in getting aws certification of aws dumps?

A: Yes, we will help and guide you in getting certification of aws

Q. What are payment options available?

A: You can pay through your credit card / debit card or net banking or else from ZOOM Or PAYPAL.

Q. Do you provide Corporate trainings for AWS ?

A: Yes, we provide all IT trainings through online trainings, corporate trainings, on campus trainings.

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