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IT trainings Guru provides the best big data online training targeting big data technologies. Our big data Hadoop course includes basic to advanced level. Our massive knowledge big data course intended to get you hired by top MNCs.

Overview on Big Data Hadoop

Big data technologies is a data storage and data application software and open source framework technology with simple programming languages. Big data allows to store and process a large volume of big data across the clusters of computers with the distributed environment. It is data application server that single handle the thousands of machines that offers each and every local storage to analyses huge volume of data.

Hands-on Experience

Our Big data trainers have massive knowledge certified specialists with an Experience of ten years fully fledged operating professionals with hands-on real-time assignments. We’ve got designed our Big data course content and information as per students demand to attain their career goal.

IT Trainings Guru offers big data technologies coaching with a selection of multiple coaching locations across India. Big data coaching in Hyderabad conducted on daytime categories, weekend coaching categories, evening batch categories and agency coaching categories

Introduction to huge information
• Dimensions of massive Data: volume, velocity, variety, veracity
• Storage, MapReduce and question Stack

Delivering business enjoy huge information

• Importance of massive information

• Addressing extracting helpful information

• Integrating huge information 

• Storing huge information

Hadoop Distributed classification system
• H Base
• Hive
• Cassandra
• Hyper table
• Amazon S3
• Big Table
• Dynamo DB
• MongoDB
• Red is
• Riak
• Neo4J

Processing huge information
• Hadoop MapReduce

Employing Hadoop MapReduce

The building blocks of Hadoop MapReduce.
Selecting acceptable execution modes: native, pseudo–distributed and absolutely distributed.
Handling streaming information.
Lightning–fast process with Spark and Shark.
Developing a giant information Strategy.

Defining a giant information strategy for your organization

• Establishing your huge information desires.
• Meeting business goals.
Enabling analytics

Implementing a giant information resolution.
Suitable vendors and hosting choices.


Q. For doing big data course should I need to have experience?

A: Just you should have basic knowledge on Microsoft windows platform and database concepts.

Q. Who can attend big data course?

A: Project manager, I.T manager, Database administrator, Data architect, SQL developer can take this big course.

Q. Do you provide support for getting jobs in big data?

A: Yes we provide job support after completing the course of big data.

Q. What are career options if I would take big data course?

A: You can work as Hadoop developer, big data Developer, and Mongo DB developer

Q. Why big data course is important to learn?

A: Big data one of trending technology and good demand in job market with high paying salaries.

Rajesh Wari, Hyderabad, INDIA

Excellent staff with 24*7 support and the trainers are well experienced had good hands on knowledge.

Ramesh Thakur, Bihar, INDIA

They provided step by step explanation with advanced concepts on the topic that helps to understand the in-depth on Hadoop technology. Good knowledgeable staff, provide recorded sessions with life time warranty.

Sue, Bangkok, Thailand

If you have a passion of taking Hadoop course with advanced concepts go for ittrainingsonline with excellent trainer and good staff.

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