What is this program about?

IT Trainings Guru in Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) Routing also switching implies an ideal certification application for network drivers to maximize their foundational networking experience. Our CCNA and CCNP support module allows colleagues with useful, relevant and industry-ready field knowledge on web solutions. The course validates members the following jobs at the point regarding training:

  • Ability to create, apply, authenticate and troubleshoot social and wide-area business networks.
  • Adjust collaboratively among network professionals on forwarding security, sound, wireless and video resolutions.

Who can Join This Course?

                         Anyone who wants to improve their experience in the domain of networking should start here course. Also, despite those somebody now operating in the field of networking should follow this path to improve their experience and discover unique technologies on finishing instructors and professors, they are great-known stars in the reach from a networking. The average salary of a CCNP Routing and Switching certified professional is $117,000.


IT professionals and entry-level designers seeking to develop their profession in the networking area. Training is quite satisfactory for

  • Network Professionals, Network Administrators
  • System Engineers, System Integrators
  • Network Support Specialists, Network Engineers, Network Administrators and Network Consultants

  What to have for CCNP Certification?

                                                        For CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) you should exist a New Cisco CCNA syllabus and CCNA routing and switching routing including Switch certification. For CCNA certification training there are no prerequisites. Anyone responsible to learn can enter this course. This field will be suitable for entry-level networking services. You will stay and planned for specific fundamentals after doing the CCNA CCNP course.

For CCNP online training, you need to have CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate Security) certificate or any CCIE certificate as a prerequisite. Any professionals who join into networking organizations can join CCNP collaboration course to enhance their knowledge.

 If you already own experience among networking yourself should follow our CCNP online training.



CCNA Routing Networks

Introduction CCNA Routing Networks

  • OSI Reference Model
  • IP Addressing
  • IP Sub netting
  • Configuring CISCO IOS Software
  • Different Interfaces of routers and their significance
  • Managing CISCO Internetworks

Components of CISCO Routers

  • Managing Configuration Registers
  • Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP)
  • Telnet
  • Hostnames to IP Addresses
  • Network Time Protocol (NTP)

LAN Switching

  • MAC Addresses
  • STP port states
  • RSTP
  • Ether
  • Virtual LANs (VLANs)
  • Redundant First Hop Routers

IP Routing

  • Static Routing
  • Default Routing
  • Dynamic Routing


  • Distance-Vector Class Routing Protocol
  • Link-State Class Routing Protocol
  • Hybrid Class Routing Protocol
  • Routing Information Protocol (RIP-Version 2)
  • IPv4
  • EIGRP for IPv4

 Open Shortest Path First (OSPF)

Network Security using Access Control Lists (ACL)

Network Address Translation (NAT)

  • Static NAT
  • Dynamic NAT
  • NAT Overload - Port Address Translation (PAT)

Wide Area Networks (WAN)

  • High-Level Data-Link Control Protocol (HDLC)
  • Point-to-Point Protocols (PPP)
  • Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)
  • Internet Protocol Ver 6. (IPv6)

Network Management

Device Security Features

Cloud Computing Concepts

SDN and Network Programmability.

Network Security Concepts

  • 802.1X authentication
  • BYOD architecture framework
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • VPN,IKE, ESP, AH, tunnel mode, transport mode)
  • Cisco routers and ASA firewalls
  • STP attacks
  • Firewall
  • IPS
  • Endpoint Security


  • Network Principles
  • Layers Technology
  • NAT, dynamic NAT, PAT
  • DHCP client, IOS DHCP server, DHCP relay
  • SNMPv2, v3
  • Configure and verify IPv4 and IPv6 DHCP


Q. Do you provide certification in CCNA and CCNP?

A: Yes, we provide CCNA online training and CCNP online Training with certification.

Q. For CCNA & CCNP DO I need any basics of Linux?

A: Yes, But not needed trainer will start from Linux basics and explains with real-time examples.

Q. Is CCNA & CCNP a best career option?

A: Yes, huge demand for Linux administrator with CCNA & CCNP a best career option for both fresher’s and experienced.

Q. Who can take CCNA & CCNP course?

A: Network Professionals, Administrators, system engineer, Network support specialist can take this course.

Q. Can I attend demo before I start training?

A: Yes, you can attend free demo on CCNP & CCNA Course.

Emily, Sydney, Australia

Course well conceptualized and explain topics very clearly.

Ella, Carinthia, Austria

The network course of CCNA&CCNP termerlogies are very easy to remember I am grateful to ittrainingsonline for their effort.

Kane, Hamilton, New Zealand

Recording videos of live sessions are exceptionally provided by ittrainingsonline boosted me confidence about CCNA & CCNP .KEEP IT UP!

Karan, Punjab, INDIA

Thanks ittrainingsonline for giving me this oppturnity to learn CCNA& CCNP course which improved my Networking Knowledge.

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