Overview About Cognos 

Cognos is a role of IBM’s Business Intelligence including Performance Management software. This software is about Cognos that acts and determined to make business users secure data and analyses that and manage statements without remarkable technical knowledge.

The abilities of Cognos is that can stands and served with relational and multidimensional information sources, reporting and dash boarding such imports and delivers into a web service architecture. Cognos report studio tutorial for beginners owns from an interactive and interface that does simply as a smart search title and permits users to become a personalized action. It can work on both web and mobile devices.

It allows users to possess every opportunity to have and complete web-based system while uploading data that exists either own or surface. It will help some users to arrive and effortlessly to join data and make automatic information standards with the help of keywords.

Who Should Take This Course?

Cognos is used for business and administration being a tool. It designed for genuine business results and easy to balance. Candidates who hold an interest in Analytics business and business management can guide this course. It is allowed the industry requires to store information. Following learners can go to this:

  • Business Developers
  • Fresher’s
  • Analysts

What Are The Prerequisites?

There are no efficient and quick prerequisites to be comfortable including Cognos tutorial. Anyone running in this industry from data warehousing including data analysis etc. can learn each of IBM, Cognos Business Intelligence v10 the plus its multiple tools if others want to do consequently.

Hands-On Experience:

IT Trainings Guru supports you to perform the corresponding with each Online Training program on Cognos report studio user guide. The whole course content is designed via faculty to assure that every student has a primary-hand experience from this field and multiple tools used in the market. Learners can get everything regarding Cognos with real-time. This will encourage to get your dream job.




Overview of Business Intelligence

  • What is Business Intelligence?

  • Why is BI Important and where can we use it

  • Components of BI

  • Business Intelligence Roadmap

Data Warehouse Overview

  • What is Data Warehouse?

  • Why do we need it?

  • Data Warehouse Architecture and its components

  • Define Star Schema - Fact and Dimensions

  • Understand OLTP and OLAP System

Introduce Congo’s 10 BI

  • What’s new Congo’s 10 BI

  • Examine the different studios in Congo’s 10 BI

  • Identify the different data sources within the studios

  • Highlight key capabilities of Congo’s 10 BI

  • Understand Congo’s Multi Layered architecture

Setting up the Environment

  • Configuring Cognos 10

  • Setting up Samples in Congo’s 10

  • Uninstalling Cognos 10

Cognos 10 BI Administration

  • Create and Modify a Data Source Create Database backups

  • Understand Roles

  • Users and Groups

  • Specify Permission Settings

Cognos 10 Connection Administration

  • What is Cognos Connection?

  • Examine Cognos Connection UI elements,

  • Create a URL,

  • Login,
  • Logoff
  • Entry Properties:
  • General Properties, Permissions, Report, Query, Analysis, Job, Agent
  • Personalize Cognos Connection
  • Backups- Export of Cognos, Content.
  • Store or select items for Backups
  • Restore an exported Backup
  • Create and Customize a Page

Share a single page with Multiple Users

Cognos 10 Query Studio

  • Introduction to Query Studio

  • Create Reports (List, Grouped List, Crosstab, Charts)

  • Changing the Appearance of Reports (Format)

  • Sorting and Grouping

  • Filters and Prompts

  • Subtotals and Calculations  Run and Manage Reports  Drill Through reports

Cognos 10 Analysis Studio

  • Introduction to Analysis Studio

  • Creating a Basic Analysis

  • Working with data in Crosstab Exploring Data

  • Limiting Data

  • Calculating Data

Sharing Data

Introduction to Report Studio

  • Report Studio User Interface

  • Creating, Save and Run Reports

  • Report Templates

  • Managing Reports

  • Types of Reports

  • Active Reports

  •  List Reports

  • Fonts, Styles, Header, Footer and Borders

  •  Insert objects Swap

  •  Columns and Rows

  • Working with Data

  • Filters, Parameters and Prompts

  • Sorting and Grouping

  • Subtotals and Calculations

  •  Working with Queries

  • Working with Reports

  •  Managing changes in the Package

  •  Conditional Formatting

  • Drill-through Reports

  • Drill-up/Drill-down Reports

  •  Master-Detail Reports

  • Scheduling Reports

Cognos 10 Framework Manager

  • Introduction to Framework Manager

  • User Interface, Navigation, Objects

  •  Planning project and data model.

  • Framework Manager

  • Workflow Naming

  •  Conventions for objects

  • Designing Project

  •  Importing Metadata

  •  Exporting Metadata

  • Working with Connections

  • Create and Modify Data Sources

  • Query Processing Type

  • Verifying Relationships

  • Create or Modify Package

  •  Controlling access to Metadata

  • Explore Package

  • Publish Package

  • Guideline for Modeling Metadata

  • Best Practices, Presentation and Database layers

  • Merge Metadata

  •  Perform Calculations and Filters

  • Dimensions

  • Query Subjects- Data, Model and Stored Procedure Query Subject

  • Query Items- Set Usage and Aggregate Property

  • Making Metadata Available to Report Authors

  •  Verify Model

  •  Set Governors

  • Performance.


Q. Why to learn Congo’s?

A: t’s very hard to find Congo’s where available very less but huge demand for IBM Congo’s developer are as it’s a leader for any kind of BA/BI/Big Data tool.

Q. Will I get any software for learning Congo’s?

A: Yes, trainer will provide the software resources as per requirements of course.

Q. Is individual training available for Congo’s online training?

A: Yes, individual training available for Congo’s where you can take training at your covientent timings.

Q. Do you provide any Recording videos, study materials?

A: Yes, we provide update notes, daily recording videos, and Study materials also will guide you for cracking interviews.

Q. Who can take this IBM Congo’s Course?

A: Business Analyst Fresher BI EDI developer can take this course

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