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React Js

Duration50 hours
Mode of TrainingOnline Training

The React JS course starts with the fundamentals, such as JSX and React components, state, and props. After we finish them, we'll move on to more sophisticated topics like data flow between components and component composition, unit testing, style, and other useful features. React is a JavaScript toolkit for creating responsive and optimised web and mobile application user interfaces. It allows you to build complicated user interfaces out of "components," which are tiny, independent bits of code. React can use Node to render on the server and React Native to power native apps. React allows you to create apps that behave consistently, function in a variety of settings, and are simple to test and debug.

What will you learn in this React Course?

The React certification course is designed to teach you the information and abilities you'll need to become a successful online and mobile app developer.

It begins with a review of React's essential principles and architecture.

The React online course then moves on to Redux and its capabilities,

Demonstrating how to combine React and Redux to create large-scale web apps, and finally guiding you through how to create responsive UIs for handling user interactions in a mobile environment using React Native.