About DevOps:

Devops is the most important and innovative framework in I.T Industries. One can become a master in DevOps and boost their profile as become DevOps professional. You can build new applications with fastest solutions and it also processes in I.T operations with new features of deployment in coding and applications.
It is two-way communication between software application development and I.T operations. DevOps Online Training course with IT Trainings Guru is designed with real-time experts to get more exposure on real-time on tools like Jenkins, Git, Docker, Jenkins, Puppet, Chef… etc.

Who can take this course:

Anyone who is working as IT professionals, fresher, project managers and Software Developers. Who have a zeal to create innovation in IT field can take this course. DevOps had wide careers opportunities and over 2lakhs jobs are available right now.

With DevOps one can become:

I. DevOps Engineer
II. Apps Engineer
III. System administrator
IV. Automation engineer

DevOps is one of the best could platform in many M.N.C for smooth and speed up the deployment of applications with improves the quality of coding.

What are Specific requirements for DevOps Online Training?

A UI/UX developer, Software developer, Application developer...etc. who are keen interest can take this course. There no such pre-requisites. You can attend free demo for devops introduction.

Advantages with IT Trainings Guru!

With DevOps Online Training course, one can become an expert from IT Trainings Guru with real-time and hands of experience. Our trainers are real-time experts will guide you from scratch.And we will help you on Devops Certification with course content and devops for dummies.


DevOps Introduction

  • What is DevOps?
  • History of DevOps
  •  Dev and Ops DevOps definitions
  • DevOps
  •  Software Development Life Cycle
  •  Continuous Integration
  •  Continuous Delivery
  • Continuous Improvement
  • SCM


  • Getting Started (version control concepts)
  •  What is Git?
  •  Git Concepts and Architecture
  • Making Changes to Files
  • Undoing Changes
  • Ignoring Files Tagging
  •  Git Troubleshooting
  • Merging Rebasing fork Clone Squash

Build Tool Maven

  • Introduction to Apache Maven
  • Understanding the Maven Repository
  • Understanding the Maven Lifecycle
  • Understanding the Role of Plugins
  • Introducing Maven Dependencies
  •  Controlling Maven
  • Class paths Maven
  • Transitive Dependencies
  •  Maven Build Properties
  • Maven Profiles
  • Deploying to a Repository Using Snapshots
  • Preparing for a Release
  • Releasing Maven Artifacts
  • CI tool


  • Introduction Continuous Integration
  •  Fundamentals
  •  Introducing Jenkins
  • Preparing Your Environment
  • Starting Up Jenkins
  • Configuring the Tools
  •  Your First Jenkins
  • Build Job Introduction to Plugins
  •  Adding Plugins to Jenkins
  • Managing Plugins
  • Upgrading Plugins

 Introduction to Jenkins

  •  Build Jobs
  • Creating a Freestyle
  • Build Job Configuring Source Code management,
  • Introduction to Build Triggers
  •  Introduction to Build Steps
  •  Working with Maven and GIT
  • Build Jobs Setting
  • Email notification
  •  Types of Access
  • Administration of the Access
  • Nodes and Master-Slave Configuration
  • Configuration Management
  • Introduction to Infrastructure Puppet
  • Architecture

Why Puppet Resources,

  •  Manifest Class
  • Module Relationship
  • Facts, data types
  • Variables Templates
  •  Environment

Introduction of Hiera

  • Class inheritance
  • CM tool


  • Configuration Management
  • Introduction to Infrastructure
  • Puppet Architecture
  • Why Puppet Resources
  • Manifest Class
  • Module Relationship facts
  • Data types
  • Variables Templates
  •  Environment
  •  Introduction of Hiera and class inheritance
  • Monitoring tools


  • Introduction to Nagios
  •  Basics Nagios
  • Plugin and Objects
  • Commands and notifications Integration.

Cloud AWS

  • Cloud Computing Concepts
  •  EC2 S3 IAM
  • Introduction to VPC
  • Misc.
  • Interview Preparation Q&A


Q. What are course modules that you covered in devops?

A: In devops we cover all modules includes Jenkins Docker Chef Nagios Nodes

Q. Any Career options available for devops?

A: With devops one can move with Devops with aws Devops Engineer Aws developer Devops developer

Q. Devops placement assistance do you provide?

A: Yes, we provide placement assistance and will help in cracking interviews.

Q. How will be future of devops course if I opt for?

A: Devops one of trending course in the world and huge jobs available for both fresher’s and experienced.

Q. How the training sessions are conducted?

A: Training sessions are conducted through online all you need a good internet connection.

Kaplana, Hyderabad, INDIA

Each and every concept explained very clearly in-depth with real-time examples and trainer well experienced working professional and very supportive to clear my doubts and big thankful to ittrainingsonline for shape up my career.

Saniya, Mumbai, INDIA

Devops online Training helped me a lot to become devops engineer. A millions of thanks to ittrainingsonline and would like to refer my friends.

Aruna , UP, INDIA

Excellent training and promises more than to what they stands for keep it ittrainingsonline team . Thanks a lot for getting me job as devops engineer.

Ammena, Texas , USA

Hi I am ammena I done devops online training from ittrainingsonline trainer. Aditya well experienced expert in devops who helped in solving the tasks and doubts in devops. I am very thankful for ittrainingsonline for teaching me more in-depth to crack interviews and finally got selected in Infosys as devops engineer.

Potter hardly, Birmingham, UK

Exceptional appreciable ittrainingsonline .Devops training excellent.

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