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Learn about Big data Hadoop Administration and Development:

Hadoop being the conservative framework towards Big Data, it remains the most needed following subject in the market. IT Trainings Guru also allows various courses on Hadoop through each student’s liberty and their application.

Hadoop is generated by Apache Software Foundation which holds an open source framework related to prepare large sets of data so as Big Data and to selected storage. Big data, toward simple phrases in large data. Hadoop Administration identifies the specific flavors of Hadoop Framework.

Who Can Take This Course?

Here the course is for each individual that aims to a profession as a Hadoop Developer and to get Depth on Hadoop and Big Data. This Hadoop Administration program will fit the specialists among IT Admin experience, for example:

  • Data Base Administrator
  • System Administrator
  • Fresher’s
  • Windows Administrator

What Are The Prerequisites?

There is no traditional necessary to start learning Hadoop, short notice on Java and Linux is required. While Hadoop is java based and Hadoop holds and operating on Linux. No problems, an excellent way would parallelly practice a couple of hours among us during learning java and Linux basics.

  • Hadoop basics
  • Managing, maintaining, monitoring and troubleshooting Hadoop Cluster
  • Knowledge about Oozie, Hcatalog/Hive.


Beneficiaries with IT Trainings Guru!

This program growths to Developers, Data Analysts, Software Design Architects, Software Testers, and Students. Anyone from the foregoing discussed can decide the Hadoop path to learn the concept. The individuals who don’t own a prior knowledge, have nothing to worry. The course begins with basics about Hadoop, HBase and Big Data.


Introduction to Hadoop COURSE CONTENT

  • Why Big data?
  • Why hadoop ?
  • Opportunities
  • Challenges
  • Big data Characteristics


  • Design & Concepts
  • Blocks, Name nodes and Data nodes

File System Operations

  • File Read
  • File Write
  • Override default configuration HDFS Federation.
  • ZOOKEEPER Algorithm.
  • RDBMS Custom data types.

Map Reduce

  • Basics Map reduce
  • Design flow
  • Program (Job) execution
  • Types of Input formats & Output formats
  • Data types
  • Sequential Files
  • Map Files.
  • Enabling Compression Codec’s.


  • Hive features
  • architecture flow
  • DBMS Concepts commands explanation
  • execution of shell scripting & HUE

H base

  • H base concepts
  • No SQL/CAP theorem concepts
  • design/architecture flow
  • DML  commands
  • Hive + H Base integration modules


  • Introduction to apache pig concepts
  •      Design over flow of pig
  • Basic commands of Pig
  • Execution of pig script in hadoop


  • Introduction to hue
  • Hue basics
  • Scripting in hue
  • Hue aritechure flow
  • UI interface


  • Installation of Flume
  • Flume Agents
  • Flume commands


  • ZOOKEEPER Algorithm.
  • Oozie
  • Spark


Hadoop Administration

  • Introduction and basic concepts of hadoop admin
  • Balancer concepts
  • Commands execution
  • Upgrade mechanism in hadoop


Q. In hadoop what topics you will cover?

A: We cover all topics that include • HDFS • HIVE • PIG • H BASE • Hadoop Admin • Hue • Flume • Sqoop

Q. Do you provide any assistance for job?

A: Yes, we provide assistance for the job and provides support for hadoop.

Q. Why Hadoop online training?

A: Hadoop hottest trending course and data security for maintaining data. With evolution of hadoop has changed the source of business and huge demand for Hadoop developers.

Q. What jobs will I get if I opt for hadoop online training?

A: • Hadoop Admin • Hadoop Developer • Hadoop architect • Hadoop Engineer

Q. Do I need to have basics of SQL for learning hadoop?

A: No, need trainer will teach you all basics of SQL Concepts from basics to in-depth.

Narine , Kolkata, INDIA

I have completed my hadoop training from ittrainingsonline. Study materials, assignments as a part of course had improved my leaning experience thanks for everything ittrainingsonline.

Sandhya, Hyderabad ,INDIA

loved the concepts of hadoop learning from mentorship and ittrainingsonline has best online trainer available for hadoop certification training and course content that will get beyond and nice explanation of concepts level of understanding of big data .I would recommend ittrainingsonline to anyone who looking for training.

Veena , Texas, USA

I am java developer looking to upgrade my skills by learning hadoop it was amazing experience with ittrainingsonline thanks to the trainer who helped me to understand all concepts and provided hands-on-experience with live projects.

Ravi, Dublin , USA

Training and Course content well experienced trainer Akash is highly qualified experienced trainer who help me in getting hadoop certification. Overall, it’s a best online training institute with 24*7 support.

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