Informatica’s product portfolio focused on Data Integration: Application Information Lifecycle Management, B2B Data Exchange.

Why should we need Informatica? 

Informatica gets into the idea whenever we have a data within including in a backend we require to achieve special services moving some data. It may act like picking up data which including more change this data based on the concluded rules or transform the large data from one system into another system. Informatica tools provide a rich collection of services level data for each integration like data of multiple structured, scheduling about data operation, semi-structured or unstructured systems. It too contains the background of metadata and some knowledge regarding method and statistics operations are maintained. Field to the Informatica tutorial:

Recommended Audience:

• IT Architects and Software Developers

• Business Reporting Professionals and Designers

• Testing Professional and Analytics

• Entry level developers and knowledgeable professionals who are interested to develop their profession in Visualization and Analytics.


                     To determine Informatica one should possess some knowledge of Informatica study material, ETL, Data Warehousing, and Business Intelligence theories. Essential knowledge is conscious of RDBMS ideas and should know on SQL other than this nothing required, that because all know it will be recovered with some SQL. Get in stroke beside IT Trainings Guru for getting in Informatica interview questions. The pre-requisites for this course include knowledge of SQL and basic UNIX.




Informatica Concepts and Overview

  • Data Warehousing concepts
  • ETL Concepts.
  • Informatica Architecture.
  • Power Center Tools


  •     Repository Manager
  •     Workflow Manager
  •      Workflow Monitor

Basic Concepts and Components

  •           Source Qualifier
    • Target Designer
    • Transformations
    • Mappings
    • Mapplets
    • Sessions
    • Tasks


    • Working with relational Sources
    • Working with Flat Files


    • Working with Relational Targets
    • Working with Flat file Targets


    • Expression Transformation
    • Lookup Transformation
    • Sequence Generator Transformation
    • Filter Transformation
    • Joiner Transformation
    • Sorter Transformation
    • Router Transformation
    • Aggregator Transformation
    • Update Strategy Transformation
    • Union Transformation
    • Rank Transformation
    • Transaction Control Transformation
    • Normalizer Transformation
    • Source Qualifier Transformation
    • Stored Procedure Transformation
    • XML Source Qualifier Transformation
    • Debugging Mappings

Advanced Informatica Concepts

    • Unconnected lookup Transformation
    • Mapping Parameters
    • Mapping Variables
    • Target Load Plan
    • Defining Reusable Transformations.
    • Mapplets
    • Tasks And Types of Tasks.
    • Worklet
    • Scheduling Workflow
    • Types of Batch Processing
    • Link conditions
    • Defining Session Parameters
    • PMCMD Utility

Types Of Lookup Caches

    • Static LookUp Cache
    • Dynamic Lookup Cache
    • Persistence lookup Cache
    • Shared LookUp Cache

Task Types:

    • Session
    • Command
    • Worklet
    • EMAIL
    • Timer
    • Event Wait
    • Event Raise
    • Decision
    • Control


Q. If I learn informatica what are the job opptunities that I have?

A: One can become ETL Developer, Data ETL Experts, ODI Developer with informatica, Senior Engineer – informatica and Software Analyst.

Q. IS it possible to switch from self-placed training to online training?

A: Yes, if you want online training with instructor - led you can join the course but payment of fee will differ and next joining batches will be updated.

Q. Do you provide job support, interview support on informatica after training?

A: Yes, we provide job support, Assignment help at any time with 24*7 services.

Q. What is the duration of informatica course?

A: course duration will be 25 days on how long you take sessions and depends on trainer.

Q. What is the duration of informatica course?

A: course duration will be 25 days on how long you take sessions and depends on trainer.

Sagar Badge, India, Pune

I am completely satisfied with the training helped to grab my dream job thanks to this wonderful training. There was full interactivity with real world examples to help learner go on a self-paced learning path. Keep it up!

Ashwini India, Chennai

Thank you ittrainingsonline for the wonderful Informatica training.

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ittrainingsonline really something that works exceptionally 24*7 services well. As soon I registered for query i got resolved in seconds which surprised me positively. Keep up the good work.

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Even I am west Indian I can enrolled for Informatica training the teaching with Indian trainer had good experience in learning and trainer having good extensive experience in the industry and this made me grasp this top ETL tool really fast. I am really happy with ittrainingsonline training working as ETL Developer.

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Well, I took this Informatica online training course from ittrainingsonline and now I am expert in ETLtool. I highly recommend it to everybody.

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