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IOT Online Training an Digital Era

IOT (Internet of Things):

 A digital technology era for the future opportunities and careers with the advent of internet users.  Huge options for fresher to get into I.T industry.

A magic technology creating vast changes in terms of building industrial devices, network of physical  objects, wearable technologies, smart homes with sensors or automotive to collect and exchange data.

Present Market of IOT


  • More than 96%  companies  now investing for IOT.
  • Smart wearable devices with Sensors in IOT.
  • Created a huge demand for Companies in terms of security of data, Business Models, Smart devices , privacy of data etc..

IOT Career options

  1. Raspberry Pi developer.
  2. Robotics developer.
  3. Chief Internet of Things Officer (CIoTO)
  4. IoT Business Designer.
  5. IoT Security.
  6. Full Stack IOT Developer.

IOT Training Modules

  1. Embedded Systems.

  2. Arduino Platform and C Programming.

  3. Raspberry Pi Concepts.

  4. Python Programming.

Who can take this course?

  1. Fresher.
  2. Embedded C developer.
  3. Java with Full stack Developer.
  4. Any graduate who have keen interest in robotics.
  5. T professionals.
  6. Roboticist Developer.

Scope with IT Trainings Guru:

Individual assistance

  • With one-to-one training sessions.
  • Hands-on-experience.
  • IOT Live Projects.
  • 24*7 experts club.

Real Time Experts of IOT

  • Our trainer will share their projects experience by live projects.
  • Step-by-step Explanation.
  • Teaches form basics to scratch.

IT Trainings Guru Features

  • Can take a course at your convenient timings.
  • Our learning Platform online classes can be accessed from anywhere in the world.


No such particulars as per course needs just Embedded C doing this course .Don't worry  join IT Trainings Guru trainers  start from basics embedded C language  to in-depth with real-time scenarios.

Internet of Things (IoT)

1. Introduction

  •  Concepts & Definitions
  •  Myth
  •  Business
  •  IoT Carrier
  •  IoT Applications
  • Overview  IoT system
  •  Node, Gateway, Clouds
  •  Why IoT important?

2. IoT Architecture

  •   Network Architecture
  •  Device Architecture
  •   Publish Subscribe architecture

3. Device Design of IoT


  • Classification & selection
  •  Criteria based on nature,
  • Frequency
  • Amplitude of signal

Embedded Development Boards

  • Arduino
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Intel Galileo
  • ESP8266

4. Communication Protocols

Application Protocols

  • MQTT
  • CoAP
  • HTTP,
  • AMQP

Wired Communication Protocols

  •  Transport layer protocols
  •  TCP vs UDP
  •  IP- IPv4 vs IPv6

5. Cloud

  •  Architecture of Cloud
  •  Public cloud
  •  Private cloud
  •  Different Services in cloud
  • IAAS
  • PAAS
  • SAAS
  •  Importance of cloud computing
  •  Leveraging different cloud platforms.

6. Designing the IoT product

  •  Interfacing peripherals & Programming GPIOs
  •  Input/output peripherals,
  • Sensor modules
  •  Design Considerations
  • Cost
  •  Performance
  •  Power Consumption tradeoffs.

7. Basic Introduction

  •  Embedded C
  •  Python

8. Hands on Raspberry Pi board

  •  Setting up board
  •  Booting up raspberry pi
  •  Running python on Raspberry Pi
  • GPIO programming
  •  Interfacing sensors and LED
  • Input and output devices
  •  Sending data using raspberry pi board
  •  Sending data to cloud 3 using raspberry pi board
  •  Making raspberry Pi
  • webserver
  •  TCPclient and server
  •  Pi UDP client and server

9. Closer

  •  Existing Product in Market
  •  Barriers in IoT


Q. How can I practice the iot course?

A: Our technical team will be available at 24*7 and will help you in installing software and any doubts will be called to trainer at any time.

Q. I am having more enquires regarding about iot course how can approach you?

A: You approach to ittrainingsonline by calling usa/Canada number: +13108949308, India contact: 7093155581

Q. What if I miss the iot online training for one day?

A: You can continue training on next day if you miss any training sessions class.

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Q. What are the job options available if I opt for iot online training?

A: Job options available for IOT course where u can work as • Raspberry pi developer • Robotics developer • Chief IOT officer • IOT security • Full Stack IOT developer

Mridu Paban, Vienna, Austria

Great Experience with ittrainingsonline helped me to make concepts and explanation very clearly With hands-on-experience from instructor.

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Iot online course very interesting and engaging with whole concept was very clearly explained and nice experience thanks you ittrainingsonline.

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Trainer provided in-depth knowledge on IOT subject and helped me to understand the course and course content very informative.

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Trainer well experienced helped me to learn more practically about challenges involved with real-time sceneries. Its nice time to be a part of ittrainingsonline for long time where I have taken IOT and Devops course.

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I have enrolled for IOT course from ittrainingsonline best eLearning platform with live interactive sessions, recording videos, study materials and trainer very friendly helped in getting in depth knowledge on Real-time sceneries on IOT course.

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