Introduction about Microsoft Azure

Azure is a cloud base including a program by Microsoft. Azure is used under circumstances where users need to develop, expand and maintain applications (mobile or otherwise) through the global system from the internet. Azure holds various frameworks plus programming languages.

Having a subscription to the Azure assistance would ensure that any developer including an approach can develop an application. If this developer should a severe idea of the form of his/her application or app, the technical assistance of every character would be presented with Azure.

Why Azure?

By growing plenty of start-ups in the market, everyone should an idea towards app or application.  It isn’t required that each one including amazing idea also possesses some technical knowledge or the resources to explain an app/application all over him/herself.

Who Can Take This Course?

Azure is implied by Microsoft during building, deploying, and managing applicability. Those Candidates they are willing to explain the ideas and thoughts compared to cloud app development, deployment can go over the course. This course remains a fundamental imperative for the IT experts.

• .Net Developers

• IT Architects/Team Leads

• Fresher’s

• IT Developers

What are Specific requirements?

Some fundamental knowledge about this performance regarding Azure is identified. For all these communities, IT Trainings Guru is getting up Online trending Courses inside Azure. Non- here is required to use an Online Course in Azure. All these students need to understand is the basics of Cloud and its functions.



Microsoft Azure Course Content

Overview of Azure essentials

  • Cloud features
  • Different Cloud Models
  • Classification of Cloud Services
  • Categorize Cloud vendors
  • Defining Datacenter           
  • List the Azure Services.
  • Azure Management Portals.
  • Creating an Azure account.
  • Creating a Website using Preview Portal.

Azure Web App Service

  • Designing Azure
  • Deploying Azure WebApp.
  • Application configuration settings.

Azure Cloud computing

  • Azure services
  • Azure hosting models
  • Services

Various deployment methods

  • Azure for storing SQL data
  • Connecting to Azure database
  • Moving premise database to SQL database
  • Azure SQL database
  • Alerting and auditing.

Storage service in Azure

  • Creation of storage account,
  • Working with storage tables, queues,
  • Azure file storage system
  • REST API on table storage
  • App service logic application

Logic apps in Azure

  • Creation of simple logic app
  • Deploying API app.
  • App service logic application
  • Logic apps in Azure
  • Creation of simple logic app
  • Deploying API app in the logic app.
  • App service API application
  • Developing and publishing apps
  • Client application for consuming
  • API apps single sign-on
  • OAuth.

Azure Cloud Service

  • Azure cloud service application
  • Developing and deploying cloud
  • Service application
  • Working with SQL database
  • Scaling of cloud service
  • SSL

Cloud service VM.

  • Azure with Windows Power Shell
  • Installation Windows Power Shell
  • App Service WebApp
  • Deploying storage account with Power Shell
  • Managing Resource Group.
  • Azure networking

Introduction to Azure virtual network

  • Creation and configuration of Virtual Network
  • Azure Domain Name Service.
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Introduction to Azure active directory
  • Role based access control,
  • Integration of Azure AD with on premise AD
  • Managing groups, devices and users.


Q. How can I take the course through online any Software needed to be installed?

A: No, need of software to be installed for attending online you can directly attend by clicking on link.

Q. Do I need to pay for demo session?

A: Demo is free of cost

Q. Azure online training is right option to take for fresher?

A: Yes, for fresher its right option where there is huge demand for automation and could technologies like azure

Q. How many years of experience do the trainer having?

A: Trainer having more than 10+ years well experienced in Azure.

Q. What are the future options available for Azure online training?

A: Future of Azure where one can go with dot net with azure , could computing with azure, Linux with azure.

Anil, Bangalore, INDIA

Experience with ittrainingsonline so far has been satisfied with way they give hands-on training and lab access in which many commendable aspects offered by ittrainingsonline and am planning to take aws course. Thanks, Ittrainingsonline for all your support.

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Completed my azure certification and course from ittrainingsonline. Course content exceptionally designed and best suitable for certification overall I am very happy with the eLearning from ittrainingsonline.

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Customer service, course content and training methods, their approach to make you learner to expert’s quite good and excellent online training platform where I would recommend ittrainingsonline.

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Trainings sessions are very well planned. Comprehensive reading materials provided expectionally good and concepts are very clear and trainer explained every concept in depth with real-time examples helped me in cracking interview. Good work, Keep it up ittrainingsonline.

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Training in azure helped me to get a job in could technology domain, Thank you so much ittrainingsonline.

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