Oracle 11g RAC design changes in various regards of individual-instance non-RAC Oracle database circumstances. In this section, our wish provides you including a plan about whereby to implement useful methods for leveraging your property in Oracle RAC to build an extremely accessible design. We wish further review the different parts of a RAC group.

                                       Due to this complex type like an Oracle 11g RAC background, we order include the many elements that remain different to Oracle 11g RAC conditions and create the Oracle practice building. As so, we command provide essential coverage of building plan and implementation guidelines to strongly using Oracle 11g Real Employment Clusters. We wish further present coverage about this most powerful unique characteristic that directions help each Oracle RAC database manager.

Why oracle11g RAC?

                                             This Oracle 11g RAC education program from Absolute Skills demonstrates Oracle's Real Utilization Clusters (RAC) and gives a nice appearance at establishing and configuring Oracle's RAC application clusters administration background. This program is intended for an ambitious Oracle database administrator (DBA) or a currently following DBA.

Who can take this Course?

                                          Oracle RAC concepts and administration is a complex technology that gives high availability including scalability for any application species. The Oracle RAC support is also a fundamental part of performing the Oracle program and deployment guide 12c network computing design. Having various cases reach a particular database check this server from moving a single case of abortion.

Oracle RAC allows you to connect fewer materials servers within a group to produce scalable conditions that maintain mission-critical enterprise applications. Applications that yourself use on Oracle RAC databases package work out system changes.

Pre Requirements:

  • 8 GB of RAM
  • 32 GB of available space on single hard disk;

This method was examined on 64-bit Windows 7. Although there should exist no difficulties managing Virtual Box towards another Host OS. Please make me understand, Oracle 11g RAC installation on Linux step by step end or difficulties separate OS.



Oracle Real Application Cluster Introduction

    • Oracle RAC Features
    • Oracle RAC Technology Hierarchy
    • Oracle RAC Components
    • Installing, Configuring and Managing Oracle RAC

Oracle Grid Infrastructure

    • Cluster Overview
    • Grid Foundation Components and Architecture
    • Grid Infrastructure setup

Oracle Clusterware overview

    • Oracle Clusterware Components and RAC
    • Oracle Clusterware Software and Storage
    • Oracle Storage Subsystems
    • File Types used by a RAC Database
    • Methods used to Share Database Files across a Cluster

Oracle ASM Architecture

    • Create and Manage ASM Disk Groups
    • Create and Manage ASM Cluster Filesystems
    • Installing Automatic Storage Management
    • Configure ASM Storage

Real Application Clusters Database Installation

    • Oracle RAC Pre-installation Tasks
    • Create Oracle Groups, User Accounts, and Directories
    • Validate and Prepare the Hardware and the Operating System
    • Network Configuration

Database Creation

    • Storage Options for Database Files
    • Creating a Cluster Database
    • Background Processes Specific to Oracle RAC

Oracle Clusterware Administration

    • Controlling the Oracle Clusterware Stack
    • Administrating Cluster files
    • Back Up and Recover Oracle Cluster Registry
    • Back Up and Recover Voting Disks.

Diagnosing the Oracle Clusterware components

    • Oracle Clusterware Main Log Files
    • RAC Diagnostic Infrastructure

RAC Database Administration

    • Cluster Database Instance Administration
    • Automatic Undo Management and RAC
    • Quiescing RAC Databases
    • Transparent Data Encryption and Wallets in RAC
    • ASM Instance and Crash Recovery in RAC
    • Cache Fusion discussion

Backup and Recovery of RAC Database

    • Protecting Against Media Failure
    • Oracle Recovery Manager


    • Workload Dispatching
    • High Availability of Services in RAC
    • Change Service Thresholds
    • Using Distributed Transactions with RAC

High Availability of Connections

    • Fast Application Notification
    • Load Balancing Advisory
    • Transparent Application Failover

Node Addition/Removal

    • Adding node to the cluster
    • Eventing node from cluster

RAC Advanced Topics

    • Single Node to RAC conversion
    • RAC to single node conversion
    • Adding a Non-RAC database to cluster


Q. Why oracle 11g RAC online course?

A: Oracle RAC enables to run oracle RDBMS software to deliver performance, Scalability while accessing a single database provides Clusters. With oracle 11G RAC a bright future for both fresher’s and experienced.

Q. Do I need to learn any basics for attending Oracle 11g RAC?

A: Just need to have basics of RDBMS Concepts if you don’t have no worry trainer will teach everything from basics RDBMS concepts to Oracle 11g RAC .

Q. Do you provide certification in oracle 11G RAC?

A: Yes, we provide certification in oracle 11G RAC.

Q. May I know the experience of trainer who is taking?

A: The trainer have more than 12+ years’ experience in oracle RAC who teaches you real-time.

Q. How can I contact you regarding course and timings?

A: Ittrainingsonline is exclusive available to access online training form anywhere from the world where you can contact directly to ittrainingsonline team by calling usa/Canada number: +13108949308, India contact: 7093155581 available 24*7.

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