Oracle Goldengate

In today’s aggressive business environment business software purposes need to do regularly accessible to clients, suppliers, associates, and agents. Oracle Golden Gate 12c allows the regular, real-time capturing, routing, transformation, and delivery of transactional data over different environments. As recently or renewed data is performed at the reference system, it is continuously taken and utilized to one or more destination systems with low waiting.

Oracle Golden Gate architecture11g is a large-performance software design for real-time transactional business data recovery, transformation, and transmission, according to log-based directional information replication. Oracle Golden Gate replication is a complete software combination for real-time data combination and replication under various IT situations.

Why do we want to Learn Oracle Golden Gate?

Before we can follow Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c including Oracle Golden Gate, there remain prerequisites that need to be satisfied previous to expanding the OEM plugin. These software requirements guarantee that OEM goes including this Oracle Golden Gate installation step by step on.  Both are essentially followed:

  • Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c ( or following)
  • Oracle Golden Gate ( or later)
  • Java Development Kit (JDK 1.6) on any system to move monitored


                                                  While including anything that must be configured under Oracle, there exist some prerequisites you must to take care of head.  From here, we will see in some prerequisites and whereby people need to remain configured.  At the point of this posting, you pleasure to discuss a simple technique to really that monitoring involves working from inside OEM.

Hands-on Experience:

                                      This Oracle Education from IT Trainings Guru implies designed to give a complete understanding of this Oracle Golden Gate step by step with the hands-on tutorial. You want to visit and commanded in some Intelligence positions, the Lifecycle, concepts of Golden Gate, working with tables, and plans. Here step by step online education center is to improve on planning templates and reports.

IT Trainings  Guru provides Oracle Golden Gate Online & Classroom Training course by excellent experienced IT professionals. Our trainer has good training experience so that best quality output will be delivered.





    • Discussing Required versus Suggested Knowledge
    • Listing Course Objectives
    • Discussing Course Non-Objectives (available as other follow-on courses)

Technology Overview

      • Creating Oracle GoldenGate Topologies
      • Reviewing Oracle GoldenGate Use Cases
      • Assembling Building Blocks
      • Listing Supported OS
      • Listing Supported Databases
      • Listing the Oracle Goldengate Product Line
      • Describing GUI Management Options
      • Listing Non-Database Sources and Targets

Oracle GoldenGate Architecture

      • Describing Oracle GoldenGate Process Groups
      • Explaining change Capture and Delivery (with and without a data pump)
      • Explaining Initial Data Load
      • Contrasting Batch and Online Operation
      • Explaining Oracle GoldenGate Checkpointing
      • Describing Commit Sequence Numbers (CSN)
      • Describing Oracle GoldenGate Files and Directories

Installing Oracle GoldenGate

      • Listing System Requirements
      • Performing Installation
      • Configuring Environment Variables
      • Using GGSCI
      • Running Oracle GoldenGate from the OS shell.

Configuration Overview and Preparing the Environment

      • Reviewing Configuration Overview
      • Configuring Manager Process
      • Creating Source Definitions
      • Preparing the Source Database
      • Assigning Oracle Database Roles/Privileges Required

Configuring Change Capture (Extract)

      • Reviewing Extract Overview
      • Accessing Logs on Oracle ASM
      • Accessing Logs Remotely
      • Configuring Extract Tasks
      • Adding Extract Group
      • Editing Extract Parameters
      • Extracting Use of Archived Transaction Logs
      • Adding Trails

Configuring Change Delivery (Replicat)

      • Reviewing Replicat Overview
      • Configuring Replicat Tasks
      • Configuring a Sample Environment

Configuring Extract Trails and Files (Data Pump)

      • Reviewing Extract Trails and Files Overview
      • Describing Trail Formats
      • Using Logdump for Viewing Trails
      • Reversing the Trail Sequence
      • Configuring and Using Data Pumps

Performing Initial Load

      • Oracle GoldenGate Methods
      • Listing Database-specific Methods
      • Describing Resource Limitations
      • Listing Advantages of Oracle GoldenGate Methods
      • Configuring File Load Methods
      • Configuring Direct Load Methods
      • Handling Collisions with Initial Load

Editing Configuration Parameters

      • Editing Parameter Files
      • Contrasting GLOBALS versus Process Parameters
      • Configuring GLOBALS Parameters
      • Configuring Manager Parameters
      • Configuring Extract Parameters
      • Configuring Replicat Parameters

Filtering and Data Selection

      • Filtering and Data Selection
      • Mapping Columns Between Different Schemas
      • Using Built-in “@” (at) Functions
      • Using SQLEXEC to Interact Directly with a Database

Additional Transformation Concepts

      • Configuring and Using Macros
      • Configuring and Using User Tokens
      • Configuring and Using User Exits
      • Configuring and Using Oracle Sequences

Configuration Options

      • Configuring and Using BATCHSQL
      • Configuring and Using Compression
      • Configuring and Using Encryption
      • Configuring and Using Event Actions

Bidirectional Replication

      • Reviewing Bidirectional Considerations
      • Detecting Loops
      • Avoiding Conflicts
      • Configuring and Using Conflict Detection and Resolution
      • Describing Identity Types Issues

DDL Replication

      • Reviewing Data Description Language Replication Overview
      • Configuring and Using Options for DDL Replication
      • Configuring and Using String Substitution in DDL

Tuning and Troubleshooting

      • Controling Command Persionns
      • Managing Trail Files
      • Automating Process Setup
      • Restarting Oracle GoldenGate
      • Handling TCP/IP Errors
      • Using Reporting and Statistics
      • Monitoring Processes, Lags and Error Messages
      • Features of GoldenGate Management Pack


Q. What are the careers in Oracle Golden gate?

A: With oracle golden gate one can move with • Oracle database administrator • Oracle database developer • Oracle Apps DBA • Oracle backend developer

Q. If I opt for oracle golden gate do you provide help for interview in getting Job?

A: Yes, we provide placement assistance and also interview materials for cracking the job.

Q. Can I attend demo for free or else demo is paid?

A: Yes, you can attend the 3demos at free of Cost.

Q. Will I be working on Real-time Project?

A: Training itself we provide explain of every concept with real-time examples.

Q. I am in Canada I want to take oracle Golden gate course how can I approach?

A: Ittrainingsonline is exclusive available to access online training form anywhere from the world where you can contact directly to ittrainingsonline team by calling usa/Canada number: +13108949308, India contact: 7093155581 available 24*7.

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