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PowerShell scripting online training

Power shell a Microsoft framework with scripting language in dot net applications. It automates batch processing and system administrator tools. PowerShell will act as function to handle all aspects of particular locale.

Who can take this course?


  • Linux administrator

  • Fresher’s

  • .NET developer

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Ittrainingsonline provides best PowerShell scripting course content prepared with comprehensive I.t experts with good insights provides deep in a subject with real-time scenarios with good command-line shell commands.

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We have in-house team I.T expert’s works for 24*7 technical support guides you in conducting classes at your convenient timings. The trainer will cover all advanced concepts PowerShell scripting online course. Our tutors will provide day-to-day classes, notes, and Recorded videos with the live projects step-by-step explanation.


Power shell scripting course content

Introduction to PowerShell

  • Architecture of power shell

  • .NET Framework concepts

  • Windows power shell basics

Overview of PowerShell scripting




Tab Expansion, Aliases, and Hostory

  • Variable and Types

Building Pipelines Assembly-Line Style Processing

  • Using Pipelines

  • Using Arrays

  • Filtering

  • Iterating

  • Recording Objects

Managing Processes and Formatting Cmdlet Output

  • Managing Windows Processes with Windows Power Shell

  • Viewing Process Details

  • Filtering Processes by Property

  • Stopping Processes

  • Launching Processes

  • Viewing, Starting, and Stopping Services

  • Formatting Cmdlet Output

  • Default Formmmatter and Output Cmdlets

  • Alternatives to the Out-Default Cmdlets

  • Default Formmatter in Windows PowerShell

  • Using the Format-Wide, Format-Table, Format-List, and Format-Custom Cmdlets

  • Selecting Properties Using Select-Object

Introduction to Scripting With Windows Power Shell

  • Writing Windows PowerShell Scripts

  • Script Parameters

  • Security in Windows PowerShell

  • Customizing Windows PowerShell with Profiles

Implementing Flow Control and Functions

  • Controlling the Flow of Execution within Scripts

  • Iteration Flow Control

  • Developing and Using Functions

Working with Files, the Register, and Certificate Stores

  • Using Data Stores

  • Using Providers

  • Filtering and Selecting with Regular Expressions

  • Implementing Event Log Management Persisting Object in Files

Managing the Windows Operating System Using Windows PowerShell and WMI

  • Introduction to WMI and WMI objects

  • Managing Disks and Disk Volumes Using Windows PowerShell with WMI

  • Managing Shadow Copies Using Windows Power Shell with WMI

  • Managing Shared Folders with Windows PowerShell and WMI

Administering Microsoft Active Directory with Windows PowerShell

  • Administering Domains and Forests using .NET Objects

  • Managing User Accounts and Groups Using ADS Managing Relationship between Users and Groups

Administering Group Policy in Windows PowerShell Using COM

  • Managing GPOs Using the GPMC COM Interface

  • Managing Group Policy Objects

  • Reporting Group Policy


Q. Why to opt for PowerShell scripting?

A: PowerShell scripting mostly used in commands line network in Microsoft products and huge oppturnities for fresher

Q. What the future options after completing PowerShell scripting course?

A: With power shell scripting their many future options one can move with .NET with Power Shell Scripting PHP with power shell scripting Perl Scripting developer Java with Shell scripting

Q. Do you provide any Real-time scenarios?

A: Yes, tutors will explain all advanced concepts with real-time scenarios with live projects.

Q. you provide any videos for Power shell scripting?

A: Yes, we provide updated notes, recording videos, study materials and help you in cracking the interview.

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Good teaching staff and course at affordable prices with Real-time expert’s ittrainingsonline best platform for e learners.

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