What Performs A Database Administrator Action?

Usually conversing, the initial response of DBA is to install, administer, control and manage SQL Server databases which including any SQL cases and they live on. Frequently Database Administrators come from networking/OS/hardware kind of backgrounds. Some of the common responsibilities in Database Administrator command in taking charges which include

  • Setting up fresh installations of SQL Server
  • Service packing
  • File Management
  • Database security
  • Backups/restores
  • Log shipping, mirroring, High availability, clustering
  • Setting up including troubleshooting replication
  • Checking and troubleshooting SQL agent jobs
  • Database performance tuning in conjunction

Who Can Take This Course?

Microsoft SQL DBA server is a unique kindest and various infrequently utilized database Administration construction that reaches a portion towards entire IT environment. The DBAs has both under Development and in Production inferior that practice from planning, design, and troubleshooting. Following authorities can go to it.

  • Fresher’s
  • Software /Hardware Experts
  • DBA Developers

Pre Requirements:            

To obtain an SQL DBA Server Database Administrator, Every student needs to own Knowledge on DBMS. Holding the complete certification under similar choice to restored help. To obtain DBA, those particular requirements is to needed to manage in Database and that should able be in DBMS ideas and SQL management. Being certificated in Database Administration mind it will be helpful.

Hands-On Experience:

We obtain you to understand with live examples sessions, which have an issue in Real-Time projects. Following our trainers are specialized they will help you to provide very high-level practice with real-time projects. On the considerable opportunity, if you miss any of the session we can make quit request for back sessions. Support team will be in a switch in a mode of 24/7.


Introduction to Datatypes

  • Operators

  • Syntax

  • Expressions

  • Data types

Introduction to DBMS Concepts

  • Oracle tools

  • DML Commands

  • DDL Commands

  • TCL Commands

  • DQL/DRL commands


Database concepts

  • Creating tables

  • INSERT tables

  • Delete

  • Update

  • Select command

  • Drop command

  • Modify command

  • Revoke command

  • Alter


  • Where

  • And

  • Or

  • Like

  • Unlike


  • Equi-join

  • Self-join

  • Concatenation operator

  • Indexes

  • Sequences

  • Privileges

  • Granting permissions

  • Sorting

Advanced SQL Concepts

  • Wildcards

  • Primary Key

  • Foreign Key

  • Truncates

  • Unions

  • Functions

  • Date

  • Temporary

  • Character

  • Clone

  • Handling duplicates

PL/SQL Concepts

  • Architecture of PL/SQL

  • Advantages of PL/SQL

  • Blocks

  • Variable and data types


Types of statements

  • Branching statements

  • Loop statements

  • Go to statements

  • IF statements

Boolean logic PL /SQL

  • Cursors

  • Arrays

  • Pointers

  • Constants

  • Functions

  • Stored procedures

  • Records

  • Retrieving

  • Object types

  • Triggers

  • Error Handling

  • Exemption handling

  • Try and catch

  • Heap tables

  • Collections

  • Packages





Q. Why SQL server course?

A: For any database server connectivity sql server concepts are needed are mandatory and huge demand for SQL developers and DBA developer

Q. What extensions can I get if I learn SQL concepts?

A: You can go as SQL developer or Database Admin With Dot net Java Networking Big data And many other platforms.

Q. Do you provide software to needed to learn SQL?

A: Yes, trainers will provide the software and help in installation of Microsoft SQL Server Studio 2015.

Q. Who can opt for SQL Server Concepts?

A: Anyone can opt for SQL course as it’s very easy to learn and implement.

Q. Is there any free demo available for attending this course?

A: Yes, you can take demo at free of cost

Abdul, Chennai, INDIA

The training sessions are very good and expectionally designed for getting jobs.

Veera sekar, Hyderabad , INDIA

I have enrolled for Dot with Sql course the trainer well experienced and having more than 10 years and a subject expert taught and explained the concepts very clearly.

Venkat, Bangalore, INDIA

Creative approach in implementing the concepts with step –by-step by instructor with real-time was the best part of my sql training.

Kumar swami, Chennai, INDIA

Training session are very impressive and trainer helped me to learn with real-time scenarios with good experienced.

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