Struts hold in various general and important framework to improve JSP purposes. Here educational class felt Java developers see how to practice Struts and Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern to create scalability and supports data-driven Network uses.

Struts is an identity in some open spring MVC framework into J2EE program, it is formed with head of Servlet, later this meeting has Struts with application development activity has given its top, by using MVC structure Struts separating business logic, performance logic and Controllers same a separate module so against future each layer can hold and modify without changing others, Struts too can do combined with different frameworks like struts architecture, Hibernate

 Who can take this Course?              

                                            The Struts Framework preparation is too designed for web developers that beforehand possess knowledge with developing Java-based network applications and need to determine how to develop these attendant results from web certificates utilizing struts latest version. Anyone with the fundamental experience in

  • Core Java/J2EE
  • Fresher’s
  • Who is willing to Change they career into Struts
  • Web page development (HTML and XML)


                                              One wants to charge some basic understanding of network programming technologies. Basic understanding of MVC Architecture is required. The main purpose of the program means to learn and perform real-time Statements with practicing Struts frame, Understand near-depth structure and generation phase of each Struts online training form.

Benefits with IT Trainings Guru:

                                        Once you enter towards IT Trainings Guru, you’ll keep track of specific video, examinations and programming assignments (if appropriate). Event analysis with responsibilities can simply be performed and assessed struts tutorial for beginners once your session has started. If you need to explore these details externally receiving, you may not agree to take specific management.


Struts Introduction

  • Architecture
  • JSP Sever lets
  • Action class
  • Struts configuration files
  • Struts process flow


  • Sever side validations
  • Client’s validations

Action Forms

  • Exception handling
  • Global Exceptions
  • Local exceptions


  • HTML tags
  • Logic tags
  • Tiles tags
  • Nested tags

Action classes

  • Dispatch
  • Include
  • Switch
  • Locale
  • Download
  • Look up
  • Event

Ajax components

  • File uploading
  • Data sources
  • Eclipse
  • Net beans

Struts- 2.x

  • Introduction to struts 2.x
  • Features
  • Struts 1.x vs. struts 2.x
  • Dispatch
  • Filters
  • Stack
  • Context
  • ONGL
  • Workflow
  • Validations
  • Interfaces
  • Configuration of struts 2.x
  • File uploading
  • File downloading
  • Debugging
  • J Free Charts Plugins


Q. What are the training modes available for this course?

A: Ittrainingsonline training modes are provided through • Online trainings • Corporate training • On campus training • Workshops

Q. I would like to take Java course from ittrainingsonline how can approach?

A: Ittrainingsonline is exclusive available to access online training form anywhere from the world where you can contact directly to ittrainingsonline team by calling usa/Canada number: +13108949308, India contact: 7093155581 available 24*7.

Q. How can I pay the course fee any payment options through online?

A: Yes, you can pay through online with Xoom, PayPal, Pay tm, internet banking.

Q. Do you charge for demo sessions?

A: No, you can attend demo sessions at free of cost.

Q. How can I execute practical for this course?

A: Trainer will help in providing Sever access for ensuing Practical real-time experience and all utilities are provided in-depth for understanding course.

Q. How can I execute practical for this course?

A: Trainer will help in providing Sever access for ensuing Practical real-time experience and all utilities are provided in-depth for understanding course.

Indhu , Hyderabad , INDIA

I got placed in wipro as java developer thanks for everything ittrainingsonline team.

Neeraj , Bangalore , INDIA .

While I am in my final year I have taken the course on java the trainer was excellent and provided me real-time examples that helped me to get job in Genpact. Overall I am very grateful to ittrainingsonline

Jessica, Nelson , New Zealand

It was an amazing experience with ittrainingsonline where my career turned to a Real-time java expert. Thanks ittrainingsonline.

Hema latha , Hyderabad, INDIA

Outstanding training promises more than the expectations what they are for. Best excellence in their training.

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