Introduction UI Design :

UI or User Interface is being that each user interacts includes managing a web application or a mobile application or each software. This could be shown in screens, buttons, mouse cursor, keys and sometimes too the desktop.With the user interface, certain users can deliver instructions and commands into the UI/UX design training web application or a mobile app’s back-end about the actions or activities that user needs to operate.

Learning to create a user interface holds one of the deserved after course in today’s age and time. Creating a user interface with few features one requirement be included. Some of them are being simple, user-friendly, self-explanatory, effective and fun. In added reports, the user or the administrator has to give Information to get the coveted or necessary output.

Who Should Take This Course?

                          User Interface (UI) is to make the customer communication as instructions and active as Possible web techies. The goal is to interact and allow effective operation and control of the machine without any errors. Following candidates can for this:

• Software / App Designers

• Fresher’s

What Are The Prerequisites?

                 Basic Information on visual designing and manufacturing skills are helped but not mediatory. Here course helps to communication experiences as well. We wish to offer a foundational understanding on Learn.

Hands-On Experience:

                           Our 24*7 authority group will available on real-time Projects. At the point, of course, you will Operate on some live project our experts and it is one of the best institute for UI can advise you on each project. Master helps to perform students as experts with UI developer course content.

UI  Course content:



  • Overview Basic Tags Elements Attributes.

  • Formatting Phrase Tags.

  • Meta Tags Comments.

  • Headings Examples.

  • Links Examples Images.

  • Examples Lists.

  • Examples Tables Examples.

  • Forms Examples.

  • HTML Style sheet.

  • HTML JavaScript.

  • List of Elements & Attributes.

  • Custom Attributes.

  • List of Events & Web Forms.

Web Forms2.0 Demos:

  • Web Storage Server Events

  • Canvas Audio & Video Players

  • Geo-Location Drag & Drop

  • Web Worker Tools

  • Validation Modernizer


  • Overview Implementation of CSS

  • 3 Types of Implementation of CSS - Inline, Embed & External List of Properties

  • Animation Background Border

  • Color Dimension

  • Flexible Font Multicolumn

  • Outline Page Break

  • Table Text

  • Transform Transition

  • Visual Formatting


  • Bootstrap with CSS

  • Grid System CSS

  • Typography Code

  • Tables Forms

  • Buttons

  • Images

  • Helper Classes

  • Responsive Utilities

Bootstrap Layout Components:

  • Glyph icons

  • Drop Downs Button

  • Groups Button

  • Drop Downs Input

  • Groups Navigation

  • Elements Nav bar

  • Breadcrumb Pagination

  • Thumbnails Alerts

  • Progress Bars

  • Object List

Group Panels

  • Dropdown Plugin

  • Scroll spy Plugin

  • Tab Plugin

  • Tooltip Plugin

  • Popover Plugin

  • Alert Plugin

  • Button Plugin

  • Collapse Plugin

  • Carousel Plugin

  • Affix Plugin

Bootstrap Demos:

  • Grid Demo

  • Table Form

  • Buttons

  • Images

  • Responsive

  • Navigation

  • Blog

  • Material Design

  • Slider

  • Ajax

  • Tabbed Slider

  • Caption


Java Script

  • Syntax Enabling Placement

  • Variables Operators

  • If...Else

  • Switch Case

  • While Loop

  • For...In

  • Loop Control

  • Functions Events

  • Cookies Page

  • Redirect

  • Dialog Boxes

  • Void Keyword

Page Printing Objects:

  • Objects Number

  • Boolean Strings

  • Arrays Date Math

  • Rage

HTML DOM Advanced:

  • Error Handling

  • Validations

  • Animation Multimedia Debugging

  • Image Map Browsers

J Query

  • Selectors Attributes

  • Traversing CSS DOM Events

  • Interactions Widgets

  • Multiscroll.js

  • Slidebar.js

  • Rowgrid.js

  • Alertify.js

  • Progessbar.js

  • Slideshow.js

  • Checkout.js

  • Producttour.js

  • Megadropdown.js


  • Browser Support Action

  • XMLHttpRequest

  • Database Operations Security Issues

Angular JS

  • Overview Environment

  • Setup MVC Architecture

  • First Application Directives Expressions

  • Controllers Filters

  • Tables HTML DOM

  • Modules Forms

  • Includes AJAX

  • Views Scopes Services

  • Dependency Injection

  • Custom Directives

  • Internalization Application


Q. What are course modules that I learn if I opt for UI/UX course?

A: You will learn html, CSS, Java script, J Query, Ajax, PHP, Angular JS, Bootstrap from basics to in-depth.

Q. Do you provided any recording sessions after completion of every class?

A: Yes, we provide all update daily recording sessions will be send your email.

Q. Any project explanation with real time examples will you provide?

A: Our trainers will teach practical with live examples and helps in designing a good front end and back end websites.

Q. I would like to attend online sessions do I need any other extra access?

A: just internet access needed trainers will provide software’s if necessary as per course requirements.

Q. Any placement assistance you provide?

A: Yes, we provide placement assistance will help in getting for jobs.

Naresh Kumar, Hyderabad, INDIA

Amazing experience with ittrainingsonline trainers and technical team are always help you to learn things and training sessions are very interactive with real-time examples.

Pandya, Hyderabad, INDIA

GOOD institute that clear doubts very clearly and best place to learn UI course at ittrainingsonline.

Sanjay Jain, Gujarat,INDIA

I had great time with ittrainingsonline learn a lot in-depth with UI course and thanks to ittrainingsonline team for getting me helped in getting job.

Vincent, Dallas, USA

Able to design my own Front end and backend designing that practical exposure got from ittrainingsonline exceptionally real-time experts supporting staff.

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